Why Use Reliable Scaffolding?

Reliable Scaffolding & Shoring Services offers custom solutions for industrial and commercial projects in and around our nations capitol. We bring more than 90 years of combined experience to every job, big or small. We deliver peerless safety, top quality, and unparalleled reliability to our clients. In addition to offering competitive solutions, we recognize the importance of a safe job site in completing a project on time and under budget.

At Reliable, safety is our highest priority! We are committed to delivering scaffold and shoring services that meet or exceed all applicable OSHA standards. With an extensive training program in place, our team is well prepared to deliver safe work prior, during, and after all of your projects. Safety is a mindset we practice to ensure that we all go home in better shape than when we came.

  • Complete erection and dismantling services
  • Responses to site within 24 hours for most projects
  • 2-hour response time as part of our industrial maintenance services
  • Custom engineering and estimating
  • Pre-job consulting
  • Scaffold inspection training program
  • Rental and purchase options
  • Public Access



Our Scaffolding is Reliable!

Whether it’s new construction, renovation, or industrial maintenance, your projects require secure and convenient access for all trades. Whatever size project you have, we will install a scaffolding system tailored to the job at hand. Our state of the art scaffold systems are designed for safety, versatility, and ease of use to save you time and money.



Shoring Defined

For new construction or renovation projects, the right shoring system is critical to its safe and efficient completion. At Reliable Scaffolding & Shoring Services, we specialize in the design and installation of shoring solutions for even the most demanding criteria. We employ detailed solutions that will meet or exceed job specifications.



Professional Engineering Services

Every job site has its own unique challenges to address before getting started on a project. The type of construction or renovation planned, location of the site and condition of any existing structures must all be considered. Only after careful field analysis and structural inspection can installation of the proper scaffolding and shoring systems begin.

Reliable Scaffolding & Shoring Services offers the engineering expertise to design and erect the right system for your work site. We will handle the installation and dismantling so you can concentrate on the project at hand, secure in the knowledge that all aspects of the job have been factored into our engineering plans.

Pedestrian Protection

pedestrian protection

Providing A Protective Work Zone

In accommodating the needs of pedestrians at work sites, it should always be remembered that the range of pedestrians that can be expected is very wide, including the blind, the hearing impaired, and those with walking handicaps. All pedestrians need protection from potential injury and a smooth, clearly delineated travel path.

Reliable Scaffolding & Shoring Services takes all this into consideration when we design a system of protection around, over, and under your work site. That's one less thing you need to worry about when work is in progress.

Scaffold Safety in Construction

We understand that fall hazards are the leading cause of construction worker deaths, accounting for about 40% of all fatalities in construction each year. Of the 359 construction worker fatalities attributed to falls in 2014, about 16% were from scaffolds. OSHA estimates that about 65% of all construction workers perform some work on scaffolds every year. That’s a lot of folks working on scaffolds potentially being exposed to a number of hazards such as falls, electrocutions and falling objects.

The key issue to safety when working on scaffolding boils down to whether or not the scaffold is safe to work on. This means working on scaffolding that has been erected by trained professionals under the supervision of a competent person and that the scaffold has been properly inspected before use. It is also important that each worker is equipped with proper protective equipment and have been thoroughly trained on safe work practices when working on scaffolding.

Scaffold Safety

About Us

Reliable Scaffolding & Shoring Services was established out of a need to fill a gap in the scaffolding and shoring services offered in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Having worked in the industry for over 25 years, we have the experience and versatility you need for any type of job, no matter the size. We have a diverse inventory of high quality scaffolding and shoring products that it takes to design a system uniquely tailored to your next project.

We are convieniently located within the D.C./ Baltimore area, but our crews are available for projects throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, D.C, and Delaware. A team can be on site within 24 hours in most cases. Reliable Scaffolding & Shoring is a name you can trust. Let us demonstrate how competitive and reliable we can be.

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